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Julia the philosophy professor is locked in her apartment and Buddy, her building's maintenance man comes to the rescue – but not in the way that Julia expected. Together they struggle with psychological problems and philosophical questions: How wrong is it to have an affair with a married woman? Was Hamlet illogical? Is life like a speeding car of death? Are we all controlled by an evil cosmic overlord who forces us to have sex? Why is the F-word the very worst word you can say? 

Written by N.G. McClernan

Performed by Claire Warden, Daniel Genalo & Bruce Barton

About the play – JULIA & BUDDY was inspired by the 1964 hit play THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT starring Alan Alda and Diana Sands. JULIA & BUDDY was originally produced as a one-act in the Midtown International Theatre Festival in July 2010. This full-length version will be produced in Manhattan in the summer of 2011.

Claire Warden (Julia) – As well as extensive credits in the UK including The National Theatre, The Associated Gate Theatre and Mac Theatre Company, Claire's Off-Broadway credits include Molly Luscombe in THE LIBERTINE (Playhouse Creatures) and Charlotte Payne Townsend in ENGAGING SHAW (Abingdon Theatre). She has also performed with the Boston Publick Theatre and Shakespeare and Company in Massachusetts.


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Daniel Genalo (Buddy) - Daniel's recent credits: THE EMPTY-HANDED PAINTER (The Actor's Studio), JULIA & BUDDY (MITF / Abingdon Complex), CIRQUE DU SOLEIL (25th anniversary show), GIRL HAMLET (The Actor's Studio), NY REVELS (Symphony Space).




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Bruce Barton (stage directions) – Bruce was most recently seen as The Inquisitor in Secret Theatre's production of ST. JOAN.


N. G. McClernan (playwright) – Nancy G. McClernan is a playwright, director and producer who lives in New York City. Her plays include JANE EYRE, HUCK FINN, TAM LIN, and a slew of one-acts. She is a member of the Dramatists Guild.